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Beauty tips for skincare

Ok, beauty tips! Skincare. Sometimes, when I look adds or go to the´s seems like it´s more space technology than taking care of your skin. Also, you really can put so much money to things..that..well, dont work as great as that add told.

Mostly what skin needs is moisture. Good cleaning. Oxygen. Simple.

You can buy different masks, peeling- things, serums..I mean, have you ever looked some stores bottles? So much to put on your face!

Depends how much money you are willing to put on your skincare, that´s how you will take care of it. But you really don´t need much..

Cleaning. I know, that they say: never wash with soap your face. Well..I do. Every night. I use Dove´s gently soaps, same that I use in shower. Nothing more. Not even that toner. Just soap.

If I want to peel, I use food oil and sugar..or soap and one of those dry brushing gloves... gently, of course. Once a week, not more. I dont wanna wear out my skin. Not by peeling it too much OR cleaning it too much. I want to keep it´s natural oils there.

Then. Oxygen. That´s so easy and totally free: go out without make up! Run, something that your increase blood flow. That´s so good for your skin! Better than expensive treatments. Go and have fun in fresh air! Let your face have that good air, too.

Then moisture. Ok, here I have some different variants, all depends how much money you are willing to use.

Basic thing is put something that moisturize your skin. If in low budget, use that same cream that you use in the whole body. After all, that´s better than nothing! And also, if you are not accustomed your skin to some lifting- things..that´s all your skin desires.

Then, like me, medium- budget. I use more money to creams than other things. I like so much my new line: Clarins. Not TOO expensive and working well. My skin is used to anti- age things and it will desire those kind of creams. So... I have two different eye cream, one serum and one for night.
Also, cream with serum for skin daytime. At night that same cream without serum, so it´s more stronger. I don´t have (yet) night cream.
These cost about 200€ together and I make those last at least 3-4 months. At least. Those eye things more. 

In sauna, I use food oil as mask. Baby oil, if I need some extra moisture. 

Then one simple mask to use: honey. Pure honey and that´s it. 

Sometimes, as I talk to people and ask ow they take care of their skin... they take care of it too much. All those, that lift´s and makes yous skin look glowing...are taking care away. Washing it too much, all kind of chemicals... your skin screams: help! Dont suffocate me!! Sometimes... think simple. Usually that works ;)

Giving that oxygen in rain :) Simply the best thing to do.

Ok, this sounds quite selfish and that´s not my intention at all, but: At age 44...not too bad skin? 
No makeup and no filter. 

Take care of yourself, keep it simple!


2 kommenttia on "Beauty tips for skincare"
  1. Wow, you actually look really beautiful without makeup. Can't believe you are 44! I wouldn't have thought that all, you look loads younger. It's not selfish of you to think you have good skin, you do have good skin and you have obviously taken good care of it.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you Lorna, so much! I do try to take care of it. Only face that I have :)


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