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Best at this age

It is raining out there, and I have a small flu. Not too shiny look, I have to admit, but so much depends on attitude. Really! I know, someone could say: that a BullS**t, but I truly believe in that.

Like age. Aging. Wrinkles. Earth's gravity. It happens, to everybody. But does that mean: ok, I´m in this age, so I will kick my high heals off and wear something that I "should" wear. my opinion, boring?
Do we have this label in our back that says: best before, and after that we fall apart. Everything, that you use to be...gone. Now you are old. NO NO NO!!!!!!

At this age, I finally feel more me, more self-confident and more beautiful than in a long time. I can´t say more than ever, because I just started to realize this. Maybe later.

Also... even thought I have lost kilos, I do believe that everyone can be sexy, no matter her size. I didnt felt good with me, so I lost those kilos. If you feel good, what ever you size is, show it!
Just believe in you. What you feel inside, shows out, too. You feel like a crap.. shows.
One thing make´s a huge difference: posture. How you carry yourself is important. Be bold, keep you head up high and own the world. That really makes you look like a winner. No matter, what you wear..

By that I mean, that someone says: with right clothes you look great. Yes, and those doesn´t have to be expensive!!!! But even if you have the most beautiful clothes ever and posture is kind of: I´m sorry that I´m here.... you know, what I mean!

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about women and age

As I look to kitchen, I see a huge mount of dishes. I really, really don´t want to go there..but I have to. Being in flu is not too much of fun... I miss gym. <3

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about women and age

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