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celebrating my womanhood

Now I have some time to really think about this subject. I really have to more sitting now, because my back is in pain. That´s a lesson for me: remember to stretch. After every workout. Not too much to ask from me...and yet, always kind of passing on that thing. Not anymore. After I can walk... au.

So, womanhood. For me, today it means different thing than earlier.

When I was young, I think that my dad wanted a son.... He taught me how to handle a gun, how to shoot and how to fix metal frames in truck. He was truck driver. I actually sat in hes truck so many years... sometimes to just keeping him awake after being up and working 3 days at same eyes. Cool? Yep, work safety was in our heart....

Me at age less than year...-71. 

I just loved to be dirty! 

As I grew up, I felt like in that pic but had to be different by look. I started to pay attention to me. Well, during 80´s that was easy. Hair blonde and as up as you can put. Broken jeans and good to go. 

Dont laugh... me as a teenager. :D Well, go ahead..laugh...that´s funny, I know. I´m in confessor camp here.

But during 90´s I had to be more. I had to be both man and woman. I had to be survivor. That was tough time for me. I did some modelling back then I looked like woman..but felt..well..tough. 

Looked like a woman, but hard as a rock. I really had to be, my whole surviving was dependent on that...actually my life was. 

Ok, forward! I travelled lot during those days, I went by myself to Bangladesh, India etc...priceless memories. And lessons! I saw so much and I have to say... I´m happy to be woman here in Finland. I dont need to go to barricades for my rights...I have all rights that I want. As a woman. What I saw back there... you know, can be harder. 

Now? I´m at home. I found my place in this world and I have family again. 
For me, that thing...I can be softer... I can pamper myself and be interesting about fashion and make ups again.... that´s for me is my freedom. I dont need to be tough, I can choose. I can say to my man: help. I can´t do this or that. I feel bad. My hormones makes me crazy. I want this new sofa. You know, be softer. 

In these days that´s my power. Inside there will be always that girl from first picture, who just wants to get dirty and play. But woman has arrived too.... I want to pamper more. I want to be silly. 

And by that I DONT  mean, that it is what woman has to do or being woman is. No...we are strong and can do what ever we want. 

But for me.... that´s a new thing. That´s a  luxury that could not afforded to be since I was a kid. I just had to be too strong. Now I can let go and enjoy the ride. 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about being a woman funnyKuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about being a woman funny                                                         
Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about being a woman funny

Be your kind of woman, then you will be happier...Forget the rest.

2 kommenttia on "celebrating my womanhood "
  1. You were awesome in the 80's! It was such an iconic time! I was born in the late 80's, but I remember a lot of it cause it transitioned into the early 90's too! I'm glad you found your place and are content now!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you so much! It was, so iconic. There really was in early 90´s left things fro 80´s..BEFORE those huge shoulder pad´s. That´s another story :D OMG, that fashion back then...Me too, glad to be here and now :) Thank you again for your kind words!


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