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coffee- freak´s tip

Wow, great spring day!!! Not so cold today, and less snow....

Ok, there a change that I was a bit ironic... 

Coffee!! I´m such a coffee- freak! For me that black liquid is more that caffeine. It is the elixir or life! Also those moments, when I drink it. I try to make those moments my kind, how I feel at that moment. Today I felt like going to gas station, Teboil. In here is  one small, but cozy place and there I can be with my thoughts. Now was need for that... 

All I needed in that moment. 

There´s huge difference in coffees. One place it tastes like tea, another is so strong (witch I like). And as many there are coffee- types, there´s drinkers. Everyone has their own taste. I love it strong and black. My man more dilute. With sugar and milk. 

We have two coffee machine: one is for beans and other is Mocca Master, for "normal" coffee. 

That machine for beans makes so good coffee from beans, but´s not too good. But Mocca Master makes better normal coffee, so that why.. sounds crazy? Well.. I just love my coffee ;).

Easy to use. 
Huge noise:D.

When I was in USA, in Sierra Vista, there was this awesome coffee place in local mall. I didnt understand a thing about how can you really get your coffee!!! One million variation! So, I stood there and said: surprise me. I got such a sweet and good coffee. I still dont know, what was in there. But it was good. Also, in stores there  was (still is) milk to coffee, with flavor. Vanilla, chocolate..what ever you want. I bought one and tried, wow!!! Good for dessert! My hands came so sticky, because it was soooo sweet... once a day, max. 

At home, I love to try different things with coffee. Add some flavor by myself. One can put so much to filter paper and make awesome flavors. Also...there´s a places (almost every store) that you can buy these things ready.

But I want more. One of my favorites is orange coffee. Take one orange shell and shred it. 

How much depends how much you want that flavor. I want lot´s of it. I mean, if I make flavor coffee...there has to be flavor, too!

Now. You can add it to filter or: put straight to cup. Yes there´s gonna be those shells in your mouth, but if you like orange, that´s not too bad. Or sift it with tea strainer.
I use those two methods, because my man dosent really like flavors in his coffee....I respect that. 

But this is a easy way to do orange coffee. If you want, add sugar or vanilla and boom: new taste again. Add what ever you desire!!! Only sky is the limit...really.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about coffee freaks

My morning- coffee buddy. Nice! These are those precious moments.


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