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Difference between me and my man in shopping

Someone could say, that there´s a huge difference between man and woman, when shopping. For us? No, it´s just a matter of product.

We usually go stores like Citymarket, Prisma etc to buy food. We are not too exiting about that, it´s more like: ok, something that we have to do.

Then, if there´s a need to fix a car or home, we go to Tokmanni or Hongkong. You know, where´s everything and more.
We usually skip those clothes in every place because..I dont know, we have our own places to buy those. And I dont like to be in store, where music is so loud..

But. When we enter to shop, where they sell screws and nuts... my man´s eyes are starting to burn. Oh see that machine? Or that drill? Wow...there´s a whole wall dedicated to screws and nuts!!! Wow!!!
And then I´m sitting somewhere looking so bored. Really, he´s like a child in candy store. I´m like: yes, so great. Can you please hurry?? Those are, after all just some nut´s.....really.
He can be there like one hour. For me, too long.

But then I see Sokos Emotion. Oh, those lights and that scent! There´s cosmetic over there....let´s go and see! I´m in heaven.
I love stores, that give´s me some sent of luxury. In Emotion I get just that.
Those bottles, in beautiful stands... and that quiet sound of talking about those. you see that? That´s a that point my man´s look is the very same that I have in screws and nut´s- shop. Please hurry?? Those are, after all...bottles.

I try to understand my man now, when we go shopping. I try to be patient. But when I need to go to Sokos Emotion...I go alone. :D I just need my moment with those bottles....

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2 kommenttia on "Difference between me and my man in shopping"
  1. I know what you mean about the differences in shopping, ha ha! Guys and girls are definitely wired differently!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. :D that give´s that extra- spice between us... ;)


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