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Dress for today, please

Yes, it is a bit cold and I read, that no one BUT so so skinny women can wear this dress. Rib-knit dress. I absolutely love it! Oh yes, it could it shows more shapes than some other fabric, but... Gonna wear it anyway.
 I am a woman and I do have shapes. There. Now I said it. And pictures to show it:

Really, loving that grey dress (from H&M) 

Also, I found new awesome nail polish: 
Lumene, natural code. And color is Spring. I haven´t use anything in my nail since...well over a year. I use to do so much earlier, different looks etc. Then.. well I just gave up. Gave up about being me. That happen when I gained all those kilos.I didnt care...

I saw the picture of my friend, more like sis, when she got married in 8th of this month. She lives in London and I didnt have any change to go there. I pegged that they send me pictures. When I saw her with all that awesome color, her dress, nails, everything...that made me want colors too. To be honest, made me want to be more woman that I am now. 

My dearest sis <3. She asked that not put her pic too large...Minna, I can´t put any smaller ;)

I have been concentrating to my training so long. I do love lifting and gym... so, my days has been like: wake, eat, change run- clothes, home, rest, eat, go to gym, shower, eat, sleep. 

And..I didnt look too feminine....  I admit that. 

Now I´m finding that part of me back, loving it!

Here´s my nails now:

Welcome Spring!!!

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