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hair problem and going to win it

My problem with my hair simply this: I dont have any color in my hair. That makes a huge difference handling those. Why I dont have? Well, after long use I got allergic. Too much use in past. First I was like "ok, it dosent matter" Then, "Damn, I want color, why me????" Now...I want those to be good.

So, my hair is in way too good condition to handle. Yes, sounds so stupid. But when you have color, it gives some roughness and easier to handle.

I use beer. :D really. Sometimes, like two times a week I use it as a conditioner. It opens hair a bit and it´s a bit rough after.

But doing hairdo´s? Challenge. So light and stubborn. Trust me..I have done things, that drives my hairdresser crazy. Like cutting by my self...badly.

I took hair extension, and that was ok for a while. But for a long run... not for me. I go shower too often and need to wash my hair.



So short....

Well, now:

Two weeks after hairdresser: layers layers!!!! 

My problem was/is that I dont like too...well....neat style. I feel like egghead. 

I used straightener and a bit hair powder. Straightener to add some shine, too. That´s a problem without color..lack of shine.
And I´m starting to get use to have my hair more..neat. Without feeling egghead.

But you know, without ironing and powder etc...I will look like this:

;D old one. 

But without hair color there´s limitations more. Hair structure is so soft. If you are in same boat with me, fight for your right to..well...have a great hair day..sometimes.
Also... my grey...

There those are! I´m actually waiting for those...more color ;D


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