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I fell in love with NYX

I have played with make up for 2 days now. I tried how I do look with (almost) full make up on. It really has been too long since last time.

Well, here´s some results! This is me having fun, so pictures are looking like it ;) :

And oh my gosh...I look weird :D My man asked: where´s Maarit? :D

And one without:

But that NYX. For me lipstick is definitely that umber one thing to use. If I´m in hurry (usually am) or just lazy (that too) lipstick is the easiest way to fresh your look. As I think that, it has been always lipstick. 
Some days ago I started to think: orange lipstick. I remember one orange from -90s that I used. It was YSL awesome color and lipstick. 

I really, really wanted that color now, and woops, so easy to to Sokos online shop. I thought, that I dont want to pay too much, because there´s so many colors still to want. I saw this new line in Finland, NYX. The price was good for me (8.50€) and it sounded good, butter lipstick. 

Yesterday that precious came to me and I fell in love. It it, by far, best price / performance ratio. That lipstick has be in my lips now several hours and still looking good, soft. With moisture.´s good. Really.

Love, love love that!!!!!

And how it looks on me?

I think, that I "have to" buy more NYX in future... 

Nails too! More orange, please.... I have used lot´s of we care icon´s nail polish, it´s a good price and good size. So again..I can buy more colors and I dont have to throw away, because getting old. 

Those two, good together.

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