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keeping those results after weight loss

I was thinking to write about something else, but after I saw one article in morning paper..I just had to write about that.
American the Biggest Loser- winner gained all that weight back. My coach said one: there´s a reason, why there´s not shows: year after. Too fast and not really thinking life after loosing weight.

Now, I`m not expert, but my coach is. And there´s no reason, that everyone should loose weight, that´s a choice. So, I dont mean to preach about loosing weight. No no. But if you want, there is a reason for that, your inner voice maybe?

I have lost...well...over 20kg now. How much more, I don´t know. I´m banned from scale for now ;). I took too much of stress about that.

Trust me, first, before I took such a anger, self-loathing and hate to get me started. I use to be fit, did some modelling, danced for a living.. never had to think about loosing weight. Then I gained so much.. I mean.. ok, now I´m gonna say it: 90kilos was my weight before I started.

We had started to lift some weight here at home with my man, but I just couldnt loose any weight. I bought always one magazine: Probody. From there I found my coach and he has trained me for year and some months now. Now my weight is starting with number 6. I have been eating well and trained hard. Still going to, because I want to know just how far I can go with myself.

I´m still fat burning- diet. Actually, I have changed the way I´m thinking about food, resting, training..all that. But I shall call it diet still. I´m going to be in it until summer and then, I think that we change it to reverse- diet. Putting more calories to my daily food and sort of like  normalize my situation. That will keep my weight where I want and not loosing it. So I, we have a plan.

After that, because I´m hooked to lifting :D we (I hope) are (at least I want to) new program to gym: getting more firm and maybe some muscles more. More about that, when it is that time.
Back to this thing. So... keeping that weight, that you have fought so hard?

Thinking smart. How you got those extra kilos? Well, if you start to do all those things again..boom: weight is back. But chancing the way you think about food... there could be a huge difference. Not actually could, there is.
Keeping your way to eat and move as your lifestyle is the only key. Going back... well, why did you start? There´s no sense to ruin all that hard work. Make it your routine, to stay healthy. Your attitude is really the key- word. That goes to me, too. I have  to do that, because I dont want  to go back.

Next pictures is taken..well.. was it 2014 and that summer..these went to one magazine with article. Trust me, when I saw these.. I didnt recognize myself. From mirror I  saw, what I wanted, in pics you see how it is.

Ok, here I go!!

Day was 4.8-14. After 2 months I started with my coach. Here...90kilos and very, very sad woman. I was so disappointed with myself. 


Huge difference in my body and face. Now I feel more me. 

And hey, I DONT say that you have to be in certain weight to be happy, no no no! No, of course you can. That´s after all..numbers.
Why I write this is because I wasnt. So that was my problem!

So, do the thinking well and that will carry you to finish- line.


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