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one more time: new lipstick

Ok, I found, again, new lipstick. I mean, I have pink, red, orange so I did needed natural, too? Of course. Those colors don´t fit with everything.

I actually wanted to write, what I have done in our garden, but..oh well. Next time.

I have to admit, that Kim Kardashian´s has some things in her make up, that I like. I used contouring in 90´s, we just called it painting :D. But even thought she has a lot of make up.. highlight´s are awesome. Lips and skin. Yep, lot´s of layers in that make style. But smooth-looking skin is beautiful, with pretty lips.

Now, there was my inspiration to buy nude lipstick.

I bought Gosh Velvet touch matt lipstick, color matt baby lips. Even by it self it´s great. I put some liner and gloss here in these pictures. And yes of course(not) I hang in home with sunglasses. I just wanted to be cool ;) (No make up and looking tired). It´s the attitude, right?

But here, me and Gosh:
(Gloss: we care icon)

 Keeping that attitude...rock on!

 Me and my twin???


Ok, with better foundation that "color" would shown better. 

 But about that lipstick: it it smooth, gives moisture to lips and stays good time. It was 11.90€ from Sokos and totally worth every Euro. 

This is why I don´t write about decor....4 cat´s and 2 dogs makes it impossible. Trust me, when I opened that closet.... I almost..piss3d my pants. Woah, not too easy always.


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