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quick food tips for healthy eating

If you are bored with healthy food, or you don´t have inspiration to figure out new´s some ideas!

Cheap side dish from cabbage:

  • Cabbage, as much as you eat and have eaters
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes 
Then spices:

  • A bit sugar for onions
  • Some lemon pepper for tomatoes
  • Salt and garlic for cabbage
Cut cabbage long slices, like long spaghetti. Put in frying pan some oil and cabbages in there.  Salt and garlic with those. 
Let that brew and cut onion in smaller pieces. Put some sugar on top before you put in frying pan. 
Then cat 2-3 tomatoes smaller and in frying pan. Lemon pepper on top. Then mix the whole thing well and let it brew more. About 15minutes is good. The darker that cabbage become, the sweeter it is. So, if you have time, longer is better. 

Here I go, cooking...

Looking like this, yummy!!!

With grilled chicken. And yes, I like my chicken almost burned :D

Another tip: Protein pancake.

You need:

  • 2 eggs
  • Banana
  • Some protein powder, what ever taste you wish. I put chocolate.
Puree that banana well with fork or so. Put eggs there and also protein. Whisk well and again, frying pan, oil in it. Then that mass to pan and do it like pancake. It is easy to flip!

Then...hard part. What to eat with it.. ;) 

I put honey and blueberries. But only imagination is on your way to cover that sweet thing. Again, yummy!!!

This flat here take the hunger away, totally!

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