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The power of red lipstick and high heels

I didnt slept at all...well, few hours last night. My reason, oh, those restless legs, those are not fun at all!

So, I looked like real zombie and also, felt like one the whole day. When I went for my walk, that dosent matter, but when I have to see people?  Yep.. I want to look like human being..even tho I dont understand too much about what we are talking about. But maybe looking like I do.

I like to keep things simple in these days, like make up and dressing.
This, what I´m going to say next, is not judging. No, I´m wondering here. Everybody does what they feel best. But. Make up today...It´s more and more like we use to put in tv, when I was working as makeup artist. So heavy! Oh my.... even so young..covering their awesome skin... why, oh why?? Or maybe I´m just old.

But, when I´m tired and have to go somewhere..I trust these things: less IS more.
Heavy makeup brings all those wrinkles up and heavier power..under your eyes...yep, you get even new wrinkles.

So, taking attention away from that area is the best. Red lipstick definitely does that. And, it is sexy, feminine! Color of passion! Gives that extra- boost, for me anyway.

Tired but happy? :) Before- pic..

I love lipsticks, with those you can do so much, and it´s simple make up. 

Another passion, shoes. Oh my gosh, I love shoes! With or without heels. Now I chose with heels, because..those make me feel more self-confidence, persuasiveness. One more plus is that I look taller, I´m such a short plug. That sound, when your heels hit that floor? Yes, here I come!

These two together are true power to look fresh, when you are really, really tired. I didnt put any more make up, just that lipstick. Still, looking like groomed. And time? Took 10minutes too get ready. That´s a good time to me. (I have old color from morning in my eyebrows, yes.)

And here I go!! Ok, I know... quality of these pics are trash. I´m getting my GorillaPod in next month and that gives me  freedom to take good pictures. Just hoping that you got my point?

Nap- time for me, so see you soon again!


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