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zucchini- tip and some ideas for fighting against flu

Ok, first things first: zucchini. I do mostly our food by myself, so I know, what we eat. Also, I know, that´s it´s good for me. And all macros are in order :). 

So, my dinner is usually more vegetables with chicken or meat. Today meat. Lunch was meat, rice and this diet I dont have to eat poorly, or be hungry.
Sometimes cooking all yourself...or..yes, it´s takes it´s own effort, but you get use to that. And in some point (maybe) start to even like it!

So, this is one of the easiest side dish ever. 

First, slice that zucchini the form you want. I like slices. Then add some sugar on top of them, to make those "cry". Those can be so bitter otherwise.. as they cry, put that pan to get hot. Then oil and zucchinis to pan. Now...that´s a simple version. Cook until those become dark, then they are sweeter. 

Today, I added dried garlic, I just love that. 

At the beginning.

You can add whatever you want: onions, tomatoes, mushrooms...whatever you like. Or put in grill.

My dinner today:

Dosen´t look so good maybe, but tastes awesome!!!

Ideas for fighting against flu. Yep, I have now flu and hopefully going away. I let it be for too long, and yesterday I took my big guns against it: Garlic, honey, salt water, berries, green tea. 

With those I just can´t loose. 

First that garlic: when you cut garlic, it changes from allinaasi- enzyme to allicin- enzyme. And that is very powerful stuff! Allicin, in turn, has the ability to inhibit bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses to increase. Also, it dilates blood vessels, so it helps with blood pressure and with heart etc. I call it "antibiotic from nature". That rock´s!

Honey: Well, honey!!! Sweet! Antibacterial, 200 own natural active substances such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Can be used to heal your wounds. Also, I use it in my skincare: mask in my face! So good stuff...

Salt water: eliminate phlegm and relieve inflammation. Pun spoonful salt to warm water and gargle. 

Green tea: antioxidants. Also:

 Prevents the elderly memory loss
Burn calories / lose weight
Improve insulin sensitivity
Protection from the sun's UV rays
prevent cancer
Reduce the size of tumors
prevents mutation
Prevents free radicals
To lower elevated cholesterol
Prevents the increase in blood pressure
kill bacteria
Kill influenza viruses
prevents cariesbacterium
Prevent bad breath
Caffeine (protein) Cheer and refresh
Diuretics (to remove fluid)
Vitamin C Prevents stress
Prevents flu
B vitamins promote carbohydrate metabolism
Aminobutyric acid (GABA) Lowers high blood pressure
Flavonoids Strengthens blood vessel walls
Polysaccharides Reduce high blood sugar
Fluoride Prevents tooth decay
Vitamin E Slows the aging process
protects cells
Theaiini (amino acid) Gives the typical taste of green tea

Enought? ;))

There´s some real power in nature, better that medicine. Try some of these, and if not helping..theres always medicine! Those are good for need, too. I try without first, because medicines..well are not natural. I have eaten so much medicine in my time, that I try to give a break to my body. 

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about flu funny


Stay healthy!


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