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Beauty comes from inside

I was thinking in thins morning, that I still have about 5-7kilos to my goal. Actually, I was kind of depressed, because my weight has stuck for some reason. Yes, still am and I know why... I have been a bit... well... sloppy.
Gonna fix it now, so soon I´m in my goal. And when I say soon, I dont mean in next week... too much rush is the worst thing that I can do to my body.

But one thing made me even more sad. I read from news that this awesome, beautiful girl had put herself so pretty for prom. And she was such a doll!!!! Yet...some mean...dirty word here...from social media put her down and said that not pretty, too fat etc.
I mean, she was happy to go, put effort to look so pretty and as a woman, I know how special feeling that is! Next day..she wrote...I wish I havent gone there at all..or put this dress or my hair... sad. People are gruel.

It is not how much you weight. The color of your skin. It is, what you have deep inside. That makes you beautiful. Even if you have a pretty face and perfect body, but inner is mess... that shows.

I know, I write about loosing weight and clothes... I do it for me. Not like I need accepting from others or after I have lost all my kilos, I will be happier. No, correction. I will be. Because I wasnt  happy about me. But my life, family??? Loosing weight dosent chance that. My family is here, even if I loose kilos or not.

Inside...I have made a peace. And one thing that I cant stand is bulling. Being nasty to someone. There´s not such a thing than perfect human. No one is not more perfect than other.

Go #teamtayja (in twitter, if you want to spread good :)

So, that´s kind of all, I want to say now. Be beautiful from inside and that will show.

Peace and love!!!

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