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Black and white with orange

Wow, it has been totally busy day. I have driven so much, and one destiny was with my kittens...poor babies... balls away- day. Now they are fine and a bit confused but tomorrow they will be as they were.

I thought, what to wear, cause I dont like to drive long distance with clothes that are too...tight. Or have to fix all the time. I like simple, easy outfit then. Nice pants, comfortable shoes and relax- feeling skirt. Also...a very big bag, cause I have so much with me while travelling around..never know, what one may need out there... Really!

Why I´m happy about those pants that finally those fit me. Those didnt year happy happy! Like having new clothes..which I´m hoping to have tomorrow... :) summer thing.

I try to put these pics in order, what happen after I came home:

Not quite leather, but close.

My Hobo- bag. Friend in any action! That bag is bottomless!!

Behind, a different fabric..

Very comfortable shoes!

One of my favorite places at home...

Yep..hard day, serious nap time. :D

All from H&M. Except! Hahaa, pants from KappAhl. 
One day I will buy something totally expensive, but until then: these are good. Low budget- shopping.

And did I told how much I love that NYX- lipstick?? Well, once again, I love it. It gave me that look, like: "yes, I´m awake and I know what I´m doing". Not really, but they bought that thought.... ;)
There´s that orange.

That color...and I didnt use any liner, just pure lipstick. Still great!

Now, I think that tea and honey is in order.


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