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cat in boots

Wow, what a start to May! Sun is shining and it´s warm. Hope that your Vappu, first of May, was good!? We took it.. ok, I was going to say, relax, but that´s a lie. I actually spent all of daylight in out, doing yard- things. We have a quite a big yard, and there´s so much to do.
There´s different berries to take care of;blackcurrant , red berry, blueberry, buckthorn, blackberry....and all flowerbed´s.. and and.. trees..and..yes, I´m living in outside now on.
We do live quite natural way here, and I love that. It´s a huge job, thought. And also...loving that, too.

But. To the point. Have you ever bought something, that you are not sure how to wear it? I mean, not a clue, with what you are going  to wear it? I have. A lot. I admit.. I see something...well, I havent ALWAYS thought through does it fit with my clothes...I just fell in love with it.

Now I have a goal. I will try put those things in use. And what I dont wear, I will give away. For example here.
But now I took my boots and thought, with what I could wear those so that I truly like?

Here´s the answer. I like that dress, it´s light and with that those boots. Heavy contrast but I do enjoy to be in that combo. Bonus is and was in Vappu... not cold at all ;).
I love that color in boots and so easy to walk. short as I am..I look so tall :D.

Yes, all from H&M. Why I love H&M, is that I know, what I´m getting. Also, that recycling is awesome!!!

 My girl, Vilma

No make up!! Oh well... so it only can get better? :D

I love to sit in that spot, in that huge rock. I sit in there with coffee mug and just watch... the view is awesome. Fields and summer..cows. :) My friends. I will put picks about that later. 

But now I found purpose to those shoes and I´m happy about that. Kind of wild shoes..Love those!


2 kommenttia on "cat in boots"
  1. Those boots are gorgeous! I LOVE that denim jacket too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you Lorna! I love that jacket, too :). It was too small year ago, but now I can finally use it!!


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