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Dressing up like my body shape is

Ok, I have a small problem. But like Captain Jack Sparrow said: the problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. That is so true.

My problem is: my wardrobe. To be exact, those clothes in there. Year ago I just bought things... And if those fit me, those were fine. Now... most of those are like big sacks. Funny, some clothes has some sort of emotion, when you were them... it could be good but in some..even though you look good in those, you dont feel like one. Like negative feeling? Yes, sounds weird... but I have that kind of relationship with some of my clothes.

My goal is now, to clean my closet and try every cloth, good or bad. Do I wear or not. Like ever. Not thinking like...IF someday....

Also, I need to win my mind, to loose some of...well most of.. my sacks. Try to put more more right size clothes on. That´s after life change harder. My mind is still somewhere there, where I was 20kilos heavier... That´s why it´s good to take pictures, cause mirror dosent give that honest answer. There´s too much emotions in there: too fat OR too good. That´s a problem too... One can´t see the true you... we see what we want to see. Then someone takes a pic and surprise! "I dont look like that!!! I´m  not so thin, fat" or what ever you have thought. Pictures tells the truth. Cruel camera! :D

But. for me it´s facing my body type. I have thought that I´m...well...bigger. That´s why I have bought too big clothes. So...with these pics I will face my body and... by doing that, I´m going to go to closet.

Well....there´s some shapes. t´s like my bottom is different than from down.... Believe me; not too easy to find fitting clothes! My body will chance still, I´m just on my way to be the best me. Half year from now, I believe that very different again. But so different than year ago! 

So.... I bought a different type of clothes than I usually do. Summer-things. 

Outfit number one: ( from H&M)

I just love those shorts. Cotton, and so good to wear. Fresh and cool... Let the summer begin! 
I actually hated last summer... I did. Because I didnt find any clothes... or I didnt feel like I looked good. 

But this is very different than I have use to, and I kind of like it!!!

From H&M, all. 

With my figures it looks like I´m pregnant or so, when I wear too big or not having any shape- clothes. 

Now I wonder this next dress.... I bought it long ago, but havent all. So, it´s A- shape and I know..totally wrong from me. But can I wear it anyway? 

I like it on me, it´s so simple and easy to wear. 

But does it look like sack... I wonder. Have to think about that... 
Or do I look like nun who´s pregnant. 

Now, Ice hockey, gooooo Finland! :


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