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Me and the city

Today was that time, when country girl went to the city. After long, long time. I was thinking, what to wear...what to wear. I mean, I promised to me, that I´m gonna be bolder again to dress up and also, being true to my style. I just think, that today I found myself again.

Believe me, in Finland is so hot today! That´s not too usual here, 2 weeks ago it was almost snowing...

But, I like this style that I have on. It´s not from magazines, I know but it´s me :).
I was thinking at first, that I put high heals but..after I broke my ankle 3 years ago, I have to start easy with those. Yet, I´m so short, I needed some length... these were perfect now, sandals I mean.
First I wondered that really? Am I gonna wear those?? Answer was funny as they might seem. I was taller :D.

Black suede jacket and chiffon pants..not too hot and very comfortable to use.

Those sandals:

Really easy to walk!!

And old school accessories... I like these kind of things, a bit rock´n roll here:

New pet with me?

Time to change clothes and go to yard. So much to do and so little time!! 

Have a great day all,

2 kommenttia on "Me and the city"
  1. I can understand how it might be hard in heels after breaking your ankle a while ago, but those are cool! The flatform platform trend is huge right now!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you Lorna, I really thought at first...funny :) but cool. Glad to hear that Those are in now! Bought them over year ago...missing heels though..;)


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