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Mrs. Barefoot

I took a week off from social media, last week so too arduous both mentally and physically. I was just so tired, needed to reload my batteries. Well, now I´m here again, with better energy.

I sit in our sofa with cup of coffee (made it vanilla) and because it´s raining so so much, indoor day. Also, there was huge thunder earlier and I just could not leave my babies alone.. one of our dogs is so scary when it comes thunder. Here, in country that is real threat, usually one barn, home or something will burn. Hoping that not today.

I have tv on in background, music from VH+1, music never felt so good. Ah, music from every decades! Slow, groovy..with soul. Something that I need right now..

Yeah, my contract with the Coach continues!! Another half year is sighed up. So happy about that.
I feel like I need to do this now, for me. Challenge me, leaving from my comfort zone. Also, I have to admit..I like the change in me. I mean, I´m going to be 45 years in next Sunday, and I feel better than ever. Maybe, in some way, looking better too.
I know, I have wrinkles etc, but I have more inner strength now. Self confident. That, I believe, shows. Who said, that women in their 40´s are getting too old to be hot...I wonder. ;) Ok, let me have my illusion, ok?

I got new program for training too today. I must´s tough one! I have to work my ass off!! But, there´s a saying: no pain, no gain- for a reason..Actually, now the real work is about the start.

Oh wow, our WiFi is on/off/on because the weather. Hoping to get this done before it´s off all the time.

Why I put that title, Mrs. Barefoot? I love to be so in summer...without shoes! I actually drove my car without shoes yesterday....that´s a great feeling, freedom! If there´s a change, I dont want to just feel that earth under my feet. Just so great feeling.... down to earth, literally!

How I love to be: barefoot, growing something and coffee.... My real passion: nature. 

Time to go and make pancake with blueberries

So good...I do love to cook, I just hate to clean. :D 


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