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one small black cat and a monkey

Hi, how was your weekend? Although, it´s still weekend is still here. I had some moments of revival, facing me, facing others, shopping with my man, birthday of one great 2 years boy..action- weekend.

I took several times my laptop and thought that I write also. But I couldnt. One reason is small black cat.

As I told, we have 2 dogs and 4 cat´s. 2 cats are only 6 months old, and I was literally there, when they were born. Their mother wanted me to be around.

These 2 small one´s are black, with small white marks. But this one, who is in my lap even right now...and reason, why I didnt write before..he´s so great. He comes to sleep in my lap, like so that I cant really put my laptop there. I think that he wanted/ want´s me to take some break from this machine...

Yes, totally bad picture..I took it with laptop.. I dont want to wake him.. :D Yes, he´s more controlling me...

But..when he´s there...I have to pay attention to something else. And by that I see those small beautiful moments in my life. 

I have gone so fast lately, that harder and harder to do that. This small black cat just takes me back...Just by sleeping there. 

Yesterday, I lured my man to watch one movie with me: (after we had watched latest Terminator...fits well) Hal and big love. I don´t know, if you have seen it? It´s kind of sissy and sweet...but so great. 

There is this guy, who looks women with so shallow eye..and one incident changes that. He will see the inner beauty so, that those women shows more like models to his eyes. That´s that inner beauty that he see. 

I like that idea....I do. I mean, what if we could see that inner beauty too? And yes, he saw those beautiful but mean girls ugly... and by that I dont say that all girls with look are no..or opposite..but generally, showing that inner glow? Not judging by looks? That would be great in these days.... 

Now..I have to share a a woman to another. When my *that time in month* get closer... wow... I get so emotional. I mean..I cried when I watched Bold and the Beautiful!!! Also, why on earth Donald Duck (read those when I´m food table...) so bad luck every time..poor Donald.

So, when we went to shop some food and some present to that  2 year.. I saw this soft toy: monkey. I said, that really...we have to buy this, it´s way too cute... but we had one train- thing already. "Please??" This needs home!!! Ok, take it... he (my man) wanted to buy it. Ok, fine by me. But you know..sweetest part was this...he bought it for ME!! :D Oh my gosh... I´m almost 45 years and I got soft toy... I´m not too old for that! ;D 
There has to be some child- like inside of us.. otherwise life get´s too serious. Life can be tough enough, and without that quality? Too hard. 

Me and the Monkey :)

These are the days of glory of being woman. I dont know, how hard it´s to be a man, but I do know, that... Eva should not have to eat that apple long ago. Coffee, chocolate and gym. My recipe for this time of month. 
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  1. Super cute cat! I love cats! I haven't seen that movie name, but I have seen Shallow Hal and he sees the inner beauty too, not the outer beauty, so it's a great movie!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Oh my gosh... it was that Shallow Hal... woops! :D I just wrote like it is in Finnish. That´s a great movie, I love that message! That cat is so tender... :) Mamma´s boy!


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