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Remembering to rest

As I got my feedback from my couch, I got clear order: take a rest week. For any trainer and athletic that is so important! My body reverts well and also, progress happens in rest! I´m so happy that I have my coach to think about those things... I could forget that part.

But hey, There´s some progress in my muscles! How happy can one be!! Pictures are from mirror, old fashion way :D but I think that from there you can still see, what I mean:

Wohou!! There´s a good start. 

Today, I took it so easy. Tomorrow is very hard day, I will tell about that, when it´s over. 

I went to out summer room, terrace in back yard and first I did sat in sofa. After a while I went to floor with out dogs and boom! I fell in sleep! In that floor, not our sofa! I slept half  hour as a baby. Felt soooo good...sun was shining, air was clear..what more can one ask?

After my naps I realized, that hey! I have time to go to woods! I absolutely love being in woods. There´s such a peace, scent..all of it. Nature is my passion, along with fashion. 

So, what I found from woods? Peace. Here´s some for you, too: 

Can you feel that atmosphere?

The very best thing that you can do to yourself: go to woods. Both skin and mind loves it.

Next pics are from our front yard, there´s these flowers and one chica was waiting for me :).

Such a hunter!

Peace for your day!


2 kommenttia on "Remembering to rest"
  1. I can definitely see some definition there! I've got big biceps myself lol! That outdoor area looks so tranquil too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. :D thank you Lorna! I´m so hooked to lifting... I dont know, what happen.. lol.. I love that forest so much, peace to mind!


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