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Strong women

Ok, I have to breath.. Such a important subject for me.

What makes one to be Strong woman?? Attitude. Not only how one looks, but winning her and hey, his too! Obstacles. Why I write strong women, instead strong people? I´ll get to that later.

But not surrendering about age, sickness, surrounding.. being the woman you feel inside, truly feel...not that, that you see in the mirror and think: Why I look like this, why I´m so old, why I´m sick... No... I mean that woman that you want to be. Ho you, deep inside, feel. Strong, beautiful, hot, powerful.
Have you seen her? Oh yes, she´s there. Sometimes needs a helping hand to come around, so help her?

But how? Be bold.

We all have out sources of inspiration. I made confession to mine yesterday.. Simpy by saying thank you for being her. She´s such a classy and strong woman. By simply watching her life, I have realized: I can be what ever I want.

But to know, what and who I want to be..that´s a another story. Why? I lost myself during -90´s. I got sick, badly.
Before that I was modelling, and had such a awesome time in my life. All was open. But when I got sick..I lost me. I felt so zero, not worth anything...second class.. loser...weird one..I started to listen words like: you HAVE to be like this or that. Don´t wear that. Dont be you, basically.
That is why, I´m so passionate about being that woman, who you want...I lost 10 years for being me. Now I want me back.

What I had, that sickness, was really bad and strong panic disorder. I had just lost my mom to my arms and in a way I lost my dad too.

I spent 10 years in medicines, doctors, hospitals.. they didnt have any solution for me. Just medicine. I tried to...well... sleep forever 3 time, last time always made it (thank God I didnt!)

But now I am back. Of course I was bitter for lost years, but now I´m going to make best of these years.

It took every drop of courage from me, to come here. First to trust, that I´m good enough in this relationship. Am I worth it? Good enough?

Now... I need to find that woman in me, that I want to be. In that, I need to be bold, not settle less. Keep my own attitude. Yes, I might go wrong for time to time, but you know what? That´s not so serious. I keep on trying and that´s important to me.

Putting clothes, for example. It´s easy to put something..but to dress as YOU feel? As you want to be? That´s another story.. So, mistakes or not: I´m going to find me AND start to look as I feel. Good. I feel good. Strong. Worth it.

So..let me introduce:me!

I just got home and started to watch Ice hockey, Finland vs Canada...intense match! This picture tells so much. My feeling, peace at home, me... not perfect like in magazines... but true me. 

Be you, be strong in every way!
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2 kommenttia on "Strong women"
  1. I would consider myself to be a fairly strong woman, I am mentally independent and I always stand my ground to what I believe is right for me and never follow someone because of pressure. I'm very much my own person.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. That is such a great thing, Lorna. To be able to believe your heart is true strengh :)


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