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Freedom to be me

Oh, can you feel it? Freedom to ignore some voices, that says: no you can´t. In that age? No no... That´s so relieving to be free!

I dug my closet and found this old, but now again new top...well...more like corset. I havent been kept it since... the year was more like..2006.
I tried it on and I was more than happy to see, that it fits! Like I was in shopping and bought something new. That necklace I have bought also in same year. I love those kind of jewel: different, big and yet, simple.
Actually, this kind of dressing use to be my style before and now it hit me: why can´t it be also now?

Funny, what others expectations and opinions can do. :) By that I mean those opinions that woman in this age should be something else. I read today one list, what I, and women in my age should do. Should eat. Should have in hobbies. Should look. Who does those lists?? So stupid!

Limiting one´s imagination. Limiting one´s freedom to be whatever they want, I´ll say! Only thing that one´s should be, is true to herself. Or he. I do write about this topic a lot, I know. It´s just, when I open one news paper while I drink my morning coffee...there´s so much writing like that. Even for much younger. What you should do, do you do this wrong, don´t do that. Such a negativity makes me see red! Be free and forget all funny limitations!

Woah, that was today´s sermon. Sorry and thank you. I shall try to keep that down more. It´s just... well, you know what I mean.

I have always loved  a combination of corset or something similar and with that, loose fit trousers. 

(our oldest dog came with me here, such a treasure <3)

Us. :) Those velvet shoes are perfect for hot day! 

One thing about that lipstick: It´s Clinique Pop up and there´s a primer in that lipstick. So easy to use and stays well. 

That Cross. I just love it. 

Have a great day, time to get my ass to gym!


2 kommenttia on "Freedom to be me"
  1. You definitely have the assets to pull it off there ;) As long as it looks good and feels good, I don't think age comes into it either! :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you dear Lorna, really means a lot!!! :) Made my day <3


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