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Life after 45

I have been a bit quiet lately. I had my birthday in end of May and it hit me... really. I´m 45...You know, when I was something about 30 or so, that felt, 45, almost like way too old to do absolutely nothing! I mean...45 was...old. Now I´m closer 50 than 40... that was some small process to handle. Still, a

Yes, I have said that age is only numbers, and it it so. But in some point it could hit stronger than other ages... Mine was now.

But of course I did celebrate it a little... I made small cake, and just me and my man ate it.. ok, I took some of it to my mother in law, but mostly we ate it. I was in need for real cream cake!!!

Lot´s of whipped cream and inside..some chocolate..and strawberries..

I took mostly easy that day, and that weather in Finland! Was so so hot! Almost 30 degree all the time.

When it is such a beautiful, sunny weather, some gardener wakes in me. I just had to have some flowers to our front terrace. That was real deal. Flowers! So I went and bought some. 

My new babies!! <3

I love those color of those shiny and bright. 

As I said, I also thought how to handle this "new" age... Sounds stupid, but I thought who I really am as a woman. I mean... I can´t be that..or of course I can, but do I want to be that rebel- looking woman? I actually started to find my inner Lady. It is there! 

Also, my hair here is a good example what happens, when you use salt spay and put you hair closed... ;) But the attitude is from that inner Lady. I believe that we are going to see that more and more now...  

Next picture tells my feeling, when I just sit in front terrace and listen summer... with coffee of course.

This was the first day in a long time, when sun was behind clouds.. as you see, our dogs are enjoying of that. 

And here, some sunny feeling from here:

Enjoy!!! Me and Veikko :) 

Of course training is still in my program. Next: my feeling after sissy squat...

That move is totally working.....

Oh yes, I bought one mask to face and can use also in neck. That was when I realized that I´m 45.... 

But, If you are looking some really working mask, that firms and makes your skin look absolutely awesome: 

This will do that job. I have tried it once and I can both see and feel it working. In Finland, from Sokos emotion..about 68€. 
I will tell about that more, after I have used it more. But now it feels good. 

Ok, I think that I´m back in business now,
Have a great Sunday!

Here´s some rhubarb pie to everybody! Made it just now, and let me tell´s good! ;)

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