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one goal achieved and Sim sensitive

I relieved. Weird. Funny. Strong. Did I really made it? I made it! Hard work behind, big stress gone...

What did I do then? I sent my fitness photos to my couch. I have sent those in every half year, because both loosing weight and building muscles takes time..lot´s of it.
Even that half year is short time, and because this was my third time... 1,5 year has gone by since I started this program. I was more than nervous, because when I started this.. well, I was fat, Everything seemed so... well, I thought that I can´t see this day never ever. But today my coach sent to email: all overweight is gone. Normal weight. More solid mass than in average 45- year women. There was much more, but those things... well, coming from fitness trainer...that was... awesome. I know, I´not the same as REAL fitness girls, but in my age..I´m in good shape.

Why was it so great and important to hear it from him? From my coach? Because I know, that he´s totally honest in that. He dosent say those because afraid to hurt my feelings, he says thing to help. So I truly know that if he said that it´s good... well, I have to believe.
Me, I see myself so differently and my man...well..I´m good in every shape and form <3. But that´s why I can´t really ask from him, because he will say: you are good now.... even if I´m not.
So, "outsiders" opinion is honest. And because he´s pro, he will say things as he sees. That´s he´s job.

From here it´s good to continue. The hardest part is behind!!! It is!!! I´so so happy about that!!! Loosing weight is a hard job, takes dedication and self control. You know what? I DID IT!!!! I never...thought that I would see this day :). But here I am now.... in one of m goals. From now on training is both easier and more motivating cause I know.. now I´m "just" toning and shaping my body.

Someone could say, that how shallow. But you know what? It´s not. It´s winning myself. With this project I have won myself so many times...mentally. Being the best I can in this age aint wrong, it´s a goal :).

More....I want more! ;D

Ok, then I will tell you about Sim sensitive. My hair dresses uses this products and her salon in unscented.Can you imagine? Without those strong scents that in some salons have. I get small headache from those... So, I got inspiration from there. I bought 3 new products: shine, salt spray and hair spray. All are hypo perfumed and so sensitive. High quality. 

This story began in Finland in year 1994, when one pro in hair business Seppo Iso- Mustajärvi started this innovation. More clean and more healthy. We all know, that just how tough can cosmetics and hair products be for heath.. specially when  you use those a lot. Like I did. And now I´m allergic. 

Long story short: Idea of good air salon is growing, also export is growing... good for them!!! I loke these, not attracting all bee´s and wasp´s and also working as promised. If you have a change, try these! There is so much more products, I bought this three, next: shampoo. 

Here´s link for more, if you are interested:


2 kommenttia on "one goal achieved and Sim sensitive"
  1. Congratulations!! That's amazing you managed to get into the normal weight after working so hard, and more muscle mass than a 45 year old, who could be happier? I would value a personal coaches opinion too as they will tell the truth, so really well done. All the hard work has paid off! Now the maintenance should be a bit easier and not as strict.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you Lorna! I´m so happy too, and so funny: hard to believe! I didnt even knew until now, how hard I have been working...I mean 1,5 years went so fast and I did my best. Wasnt too easy always and I fought with myself... but here I am... :) having a sensitive moment about that...really!


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