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Red stetson from Tombstone

I havent kept this stetson here in Finland too often. Why? Well... it do stand out a bit. I thought, that it shows too much. From where I bought it, from Tombstone, Arizona, it was every day thing to wear. That was my first reason to buy I fit in. Another reason was: I love stetsons!
Actually, one real cowboy told me a secret: red was totally wrong color for me.. older folks used that... :D but then he said, in Saloon, that it was ok. Red was cool in me.

Next time I think that I will buy black or brown.. oh well, that will take a trip to Tombstone again and not gonna happen tomorrow. But one day it will..that´s such a great small town full of amazing people. Also, that movie, Tombstone happen there. So much history, too. I have to tell you, it was amazing feeling to sit in same saloon, where all those legends had been. Still bullet holes in walls...WOW! And real cowboys do exist still, and hey! Cowgirls too! Tough women! :)

Here´s my stetson:

I will carry that with bride and all those hard working cowboys/girls: I will raise my class! 

That was the coolest trip that I have made...Tombstone.


Kuvahaun tulos haulle arnold schwarzenegger quotes

This quote is so true. I found it today and I have to say, well said!

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