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Windy day at lake

A bit challenging our weather here in Finland. Last week was totally hot and in this week? Well, let´s just say, that in North, Lapland....came snow.

Never know, what to wear when getting out! Yesterday was also one, first, summer storm and here where I live wasnt too bad. Just awesome wind. Some places were lost electricity, trees fallen etc. So, thankfully here it was easier.

I do love good, fresh storms, winds.. there´s something about that power! Mother nature will show then, who´s got the power! Just standing there, feeling that strength gives to me so much. I feel so alive there.. so yesterday I drove to one lake near our home. They say that one picture tells more than 1000 words, so here´s my words:

I just love that wind. And that black suede jacket. That is so easy to wear with everything. 

(from H&M)

Today it´s..well..windy too. Perfect weather for a good jog! 

Have a great weekend!

2 kommenttia on "Windy day at lake"
  1. That does look windy! I always find the wind whips off the water so much, making it freezing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. It was! That great storm was here and I just stood there... freezing :D I´m such a crazy woman. Wind whips are totally awesome to look, although.. good clothes are necessary..:)


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