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Enough is enough

I´ve just had it. Too much. Is too much. Much it is. What then?

I read our newspaper, as I do every morning with my coffee. Mostly I try to read the news and skip other things. But each and every day I have read: are you doing this wrong?
Are you keeping your tomatoes in warm or cold? (Dont remember what was the right way..I keep those in cold.)
You can do your coffee wrongly, too! Did you knew that? It´s not enough to put those coffee grounds, water and filter the way you have use to..I didnt read it, what is the right way..but there just have to be better way? I mean...with ordinary coffeemaker..there has to be other ways to do your coffee? Can life be so hard?

Also, I´m keeping my onions totally wrong place. And.. that list, that says what you can wear with what? Well...I´m so guilty in almost everything. Except I dont use leggins as trousers. That´s cool.

But could there be, even once: are you doing this(too) right?

Now I read that I´m in totally trendy! Natural look without make up is in!!!!! All right!! That is actually, in my opinion, good thing. Really.
I havent used make up for a long time. Oh well, in some pictures yes, but mainly when I go out from that door... no make up. (Still I want to buy and try that Kim Kardashian`smake up- line.......) (and I think I just have to buy some of those in this week) But I dont wear make up too much. Nothing to do with fashion, everything to do with laziness. Also, trying to save my skin, give some fresh air.

But why is it good? Well.... have you seen too much of younger...or older...or women, how they really look? Of course you have. But also, that is huge trend, to paint your profile, do so much highlights and shadows that one´s real profile is gone. It´s not away from me no. If one like´s it, go ahead. But when it´s a when you can´t go out without putting all that make up. As you. And not being target of bullying. Then it´s a problem.

Today´s world is so hard to be perfect. You have to have long hair. Make up. Do fitness. Where is new trend by the way! Gap in your stomach. It is NOT enough that you have a six bag. No have to have that gap in the middle, strongly. I actually thought, that I use my contouring stuff to make one. No I didnt, but soon there´s gonna be new make up line: contour you stomach!! And take a selfie to instagram.
 I´m not criticizing here, even though it sounds like it. Everybody has freedom to be what they want, look how they want. So....that´s why it has to go also like this: short hair, no make up, meat eater, not too trendy woman is as good as that what I told above.

And why I´m worried? Schools. Youngster. How they go on every day with these challenges. I´m honestly worried about teenagers or even younger. That world is cruel now. I mean, of course it was back in time, when I was young and colors were black and white. But today?? Even harder. And expensive. Cant we all just go to woods and smell the air without pressure? Love and peace? Someone?

Next pic has nothing to do with topic, but is´t awesome. Me and our 10-year old guy Veikko..who´s nagging to me. 

Love you Veikko! 

So, much love from here, have a great week!

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