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Do you ever?

Do you ever have those days, when everything at you feels and seems to you own eyes wrong? Or not good. Ugly, boring.
Wanna cut your hair to just change something?(And be very happy next that you didnt actually cut those)

I have that day today. I have been cleaning here at home almost all day, just went for walk and training, but then..home. I wanted to take some pictures, but somehow I just felt...fat. I usually like to take pictures, so my mind is keeping up with the change. But today? Not too happy what I saw. Even thought, I liked those clothes and I´m still happy that I got one invitation, but no...dont like my hair, face, body- day.
And that dosent help, that I´m without make up, tired, sweaty. House wife! I love things, that are more like...well, not Not too....well, ordinary. Yep, that´s today´s mood. Also, a small stress got me... freaking X-mas stress! I really thought, that I was able to escape from that Today it came. Not too big, but small.

Tomorrow, I think it´s time for bigger.

What if I just go under my blanket and sleep 2-3days.... No´s going to be good and just need to keep up that good speed!

I wanna put my high heels on and just feel pretty... :D if not look, feel like it. Now, have I moaned enough now? I think so. But here´s those pictures, that I took between cleaning and gym. Looking like princess? No. But I do love that long vest. I had one during 90´s and missed that a lot. Now, finally, I found that from...surprise: H&M!

Today, I wish that I could have some awesome photoshop- skills. 

So I was testing these, are these ok or not. Make up and doing something with my hair is of couse in order, when I´m actually leaving. Now just testing... 

Back to do something such as fun as: hoovering! 

And yes, I believe that tomorrow is going to be better day...

What if I just sit here and look I´m really writing something important...

Like how I feel? Yes, so interesting. 

Can´t escape my duty, so see you later....



see ya!

1 kommentti on "Do you ever?"
  1. Wouldn't it be lovely to escape our duties... but they are a part of life. Your pictures turned out great Maarit ♡

    I'll freak out Saturday when I'm cleaning, cooking and baking... at least some sweet girls did all my wrapping. .. that made me very happy xox


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