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Going retro!

10 days to Christmas, and I found it! The look, that I want my home to be. Home is, by far, the important place to calm down, be safe, enjoy and be yourself. Where else you can be so free?

I have to admit, all though I have loved our home from beginning, I didnt spent too much time to REALLY decorate it. Not really as much I wanted. Multiple reasons: there´s huge yard, really, out there. Actually two yards together. So much berry bushes, flowers, trees..all that was hiding under grass and it took hard work to make it work. To safe all those precious things. And plant new. Make a garden plot.

All our time went there. Then, we kind of home. Mother in law got sick, so of course lot´s of time went there. You know, life happen.

But It hit like thunder, yesterday. Actually, it started to grow in my mind before, but yesterday it really hit us: retro!

What gave the first spark, was my vinyls. You remember, LP- records. So old fashion and retro. But you know, still in huge respect!

My man has close to 500 CD:s. I have maybe...30? But I have vinyls more. I listened those even there was CD:s in everyone. Old school. I asked, if we can wired our old record player and we tried. Some small problems there, so it dosent work now. (it will one day, says my man) But hahaa...I know, that Santa is giving me new one. I love that idea: old with new technique. But yesterday... we did something else. We started to go back in time.
My man has perfect hearing in audio, and he has build lot´s of he´s own speakers, so this was more than fun thinf to do, to him, too.

We changed totally good, small Sony´s speakers to...those large one from 80´s. These speakers that are in future pictures are over 30 years old. And those looks HUGE comparing those Sony´s small ones. But...oh man, I love those! There´s so much memories and one thing surprised me: sound is...well, Sony was like Idols winner. Pure voice. But old speakers? Like Elvis Presley, smooth, dark and velvet in that voice.

So, here´s a start. Lot´s of things still to do, but this was our yesterday- project. Back in time. Old items found from closets and put out there.

Guilty- one´s to this transformation. Vinyls <3

Old with newer... huge difference in size!

Ok, out with new, in with old!


 Center speaker is still Sony. We thought that old could be too heavy.. ;D

Back speakers in their place. Big as hell, but in some weird reason...I love it.

Then I put some old items, what I found. Also drapes, lamp...well, you see:

Lamp, made by my grand mother.

Remember these? Also made by my grand mother.

Call me..

Every item has some meaning to us. Like that wooden bike. My man is a biker and I love to sit behind. Maybe one day I shall drive my own bike...But you know, I love to drive our scooter. It dosent go too fast and that´s cool with me.

 When I was visiting in Tombstone, they sold, still do I think, this magazine, which is exact copu from original, when it all happen. So cool to read!

Bambi is from my home, when I was a kid.
 Guess, what´s doing the job of tablecloth? Old rag rug.
 Missing a lamp, I see...
Our lemon tree, he makes real lemons!
 I bought this teddy from Heathrow airport. My London- Teddy. It was in a good cause: to help those, who has cancer. So, it´s here to both bring good and remind us, that we are lucky. Also, it´s cute.

But yes, now all is left to continue that work, not too much to do... 4 rooms and huge hallway. (i´m being a bit ironic here. But I wanted this, so...)

Oh, the place where that record player shall come:

And some green plants more...and and..those cool retro- shops.. yes yes, I´m on fire!

That feeling, when you know, what you are going to do next week. ;) 

We have kind of funny home. Actually it´s cool. Dining room is it´s own, and "another" living room its more tv etc. So, every room has it´s own meaning, purpose. Theme. 

Best thing is, it´s what we like it to be. 


 I think that we can skip the book about KonMari..

2 kommenttia on "Going retro!"
  1. Maarit, I like some of the older things too... I used to have records until the heat warped them... then I bought tapes and they went away... I refused to go to CD's... the same thing with my VHS movies, when they became obsolete, I refused to buy DVD's... I miss some of the old but there is good in the new too... I am happy you decorate your place the way you like xox

  2. <3 we are retro, both of us!? Yes, in new things, there´s some good too. Mixing those is totally best! xoxox


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