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Life without phone, is that possible?

Ok, so this happen. I went to "down town" and here it means this small, but so beautiful town. I took care of some  business and thought, that I shall do my walking here! Here´s people! Yes.
You see, in our hoods is mainly deer, fox, rabbit, Capricorn or so. Some Lynx and... just hoping that this is just rumor (I know that it´s true, but need some calming down) wolfs.

So I left, and thought that I would take some pictures also. It´s such a beautiful day too! Still is, even now I´m at home. But frost, sun crispy air...what more can one ask?

As I started to take some pictures, firs one was ok. My phone was alive. I took one pic, and another soon after that. Then my phone thought that really? It´s freaking freezing here and you want me to handle you photos? No way, I´m turning off. (Note to everyone: Huawei dosent like our winter, Sony is better to handle cold!)

I had walked only 15min and then, looking my dead phone I really thought that maybe I need to turn back? Because I didnt have my phone with me, just being there? How did I survived from 80`s!!

I decided that I shall do my walk, without a support from my phone. Funny that I was feeling kind of naked without it. I was actually looking things, when I wasnt taking pictures. I payed more attention to what I´m looking at than taking pictures and looking at home, what I saw. Sounds funny, right?

I truly saw, how white that snow was in sun, filled with million diamonds and how blue it was in shadows. How long were shadows and just how beautiful that day was/still is. I saw more. Again.

I felt more free without my phone. No e-mails, no thing to take care of..not in that moment. No music, just sounds of life. I think, that next time, when I go for walk, I will leave my fancy pans phone at home! Good for both!

Here´s those two pictures, that I managed to take:

This is small Christmas- shop here in out town. It´s coming up in every X-mas and people could make things, like wool socks, lanterns, what ever they want and put those in sell there. All made by hand and quality is perfect. Wish I could take better pic but what can I do.. Perfect little shop!

Like I told, now I´m home. Just ate small..well..medium size slice of meat pie, which I did yesterday. It´s such a retro delicacy! Baking tray full of that good pie! Now with coffee, but also so good with milk! So I ate, when I was young and my mom made it. Milk and that hot meat yummy!

Maybe..just one more..small slice. Smallish. Kind of. :)


And yes, I do need my phone, but maybe less than I thought. I think that I´m a bit prisoner of phone..need to work on that. 

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  1. Maarit... I do think we all need to take a break from our phones, as you say... how did we survive without them? We did great and truly enjoyed our surroundings. Our phones are an addiction that we need to put down from time to time... I am glad to hear you had a nice walk xox

    1. Hi Launna! <3 That´s so took my phone to be dead, that I realized it. Gonna work on that... I had, wanna join me? :) If I could, I would take my walk with you and have a good chat! :)xox