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What have you done lately? And Lidl Cien facecream

Hi there! It´s been week, since I was here last time.
Between not believing and facing the fact that Christmas is coming, ready or not I..we had to make some mind work. It´s going to be different X- mas this year, because my mother in law is in hospital. Facing that fact that that´s how it´s gonna be..forever...has been tough.
We had some X-mas rituals that we did together, and now we just have to make something different. Holidays are so emotion- times, that all these kind of things comes to surface.

So. we started week ago change a bit around here, home. Going retro. After that we have put Christmas- veil to our home. A bit lights and so on. X-mas (<--I like to use that form, if I write a lot about X-mas) songs. We decided, that even though holidays comes without making, we do it our way. Like we want. Easy, relax and just us.

Also, that tree. It was such a great thing to walk in huge forest (yes, with licence. Not stealing! Family- thing) and look that tree. My man saw it at the begin of our journey, but it´s a tradition to go further to woods. So quiet, so peaceful. So beautiful! 

That blue spot is my man. Those trees are huge! :) 

Yet, we took that first tree next to road, but walking there was pure joy. 

Hard work needs proper lunch? ;) First in this year, but not last. 
And like every year, I burned my mouth with jam.

It´s starting to feel like Christmas!

Then one thing, from what I´m still confused. I ran out of my face cream. Totally. Saturday. Panic! We has time to go only one store near by and that was Lidl. Cien. I thought...honestly, that ok. This weekend I can use this cream from Lidl, that Cien, and after weekend I want my precious Clinique back. 

After sauna, I put that cheap cream and didnt expect..well..nothing. know what? My skin looked totally awesome! Really. Not telling lie here. 

I mean, I have used lot´s of money to creams, serums, eye stuff etc...and now, I bought this cream that cost 3.50€??? Usually my creams start from 70€... It´s just, wow. I didnt bought nothing new now, I decided to test this more. 

I have used it now 2,5 days and my skin is good. Looking smooth, color is this is different. It feels more heavier that Clinique, More like emulsion. But if you can live with that, worth all 3.50€! ;) 

Really....3.50€. Just..and it works! That´s the funny part! I think that I´m starting to be a believer...

Good morning! I took this as soon as I got up from bed this morning. Still my skin, after night, is looking smooth. 
I mean, for 45years old..not too bad?

And under make up it´s just great! I didnt use primer today, that cream was enough. 

One more time...3.50€...if that continues to do that job, I can save money so much! To buy new shoes...

Oh, time is so much! Need to head to gym! Today my motivation is behind but hoping that it will catch up with me. 

2 kommenttia on "What have you done lately? And Lidl Cien facecream"
  1. You and me both Maarit.. I am looking for my motivation for getting healthy xox

    I too had to change my Christmas traditions this year, especially if I want to make a difference xox

    1. Oh Launna...I´m sending some motivation from here..if I find it. But I will..I hope. :D You too? I wish that you will have your Christmas like you want it to be... xoxoxoxo


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