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Wow, what a week. Went to bottom with myself and now trying to come back. Why? Oh, I have been so tired! I mean, really tired. Until today didnt really understood why. Now I understand a little better, I have been missing me- time so badly that I have been a ticking time bomb! Really edge most of the time. Small things made me cry and lost my nerves. Reason for that is, that I have been doing so much homework, cooking, cleaning etc cause my man has to hunt before time is out for that. So that leaved me at home. With 3 dogs and 4 cats, and that one precious dog is just 3 months old, so theres so much to learn, teach to do things.
My "own" time has been, when I have been in our home gym, there I have my own peace, but that´s not enough. I see that now. I need more...well..girly time, ready food, doing nothing at home- time. One day. And as I told that to my man just a minute ago, he did actually agreed! He has seen my tiredness and after this month is over, so is that hunting season, I will get myself- time. Thank God!

There came one "small" problem, too. I started to hate myself, how I look and felt( still do a bit) so old. I had (still do a bit) these thoughts that I´m fat. I mean... from mirror I saw something else than before. That was (still is a bit) huge weight in one´s mind! I´m working on that now and giving myself a bit more positive thoughts. One may say, that I burned totally. Maybe I did. But, now I know the problem so....only way is up, I think.

I tried these on, clothes I mean and as I started to too pics, I felt so.... stupid. Why? Who cares? I look so fat and ugly, old anyway. Once I loved these on me.

Still do, I mean there´s nothing wrong with clothes but in my mind.

I actually needed to look a bit more than with my broken jeans, so this is my way to look a bit sharper. Not too much but a bit. I love to try different styles and things with dressing.

Didnt put any more make up, than lipstick. I was way too tired to even thin more make up. But with my huge eyeglasses that´s ok, I think! That´s why those glasses are so awesome, I can hide myself behing those :).

That wool coat and woolen hat gave me that feeling that not too....well....boring to myself. I´m huge fan of wool coats, smart, warm, sharp and still so easy to wear. Everything that I need from cloth! 

That dress cost about 9€ and west 5€ from flee market. Bought that a long time ago and it has designed one of the top designer of business woman- style. so 5€ want too bad to pay from that west!

I have said earlier and so many times, that dressing up should be fun. I made it too serious and also, seen  myself in such a dark light effect my feelings about everything. Lost that fun- part and I want it back. I mean now. A.S.A.P. :) Need to give some mercy for me too! That was (still is a bit) <--:D a small problem for me, as I want to write. My head just makes these crazy conclusion and just fighting for those, one day at the time. That´s the only way. Giving up, that is no way at all.

Have a great evening all!


I changed this language cause I wanted to reach my friends from abroad too and that google translation..well ain´t too good..If you know what I mean. ;)

4 kommenttia on "Hashtag Focus"
  1. Aivan ihanat ja naulitsevat talvikuvat, olet upea <3

  2. Kielen vaihtaminen on kyllä ihan järkevää, kun sitten ei ainakaan rajaa ketään pois! :) Kirjoitan vielä suomeksi, mutta oon miettinyt kielen vaihtoa aina välillä..

    p.s. ihanat kuvat! <3

    1. On juuh kiva tavoittaa enemmän ihmisiä ja saada vaikka uusia ideoita! Jotenkin tuntuu hyvältä kirjuutella Lontooksi vaihteeksi... 😊 kiitos ihanuus!!! Jotenkin kiva fiilis oli kuvissa vaikka päätä samalla selvitin😉🤗


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