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Incident, that woke me up

I know that I have been moaning that I have been tired. I have been, yes. But trust me, yesterday was totally chaos! Also, I realized that things could be worse, so actually I´m ok. Now.

But yesterday, our precious Senior dog Veikko got sick. He just kept on puking all day, to bed, sofa, floor...poor thing! I mean, how much can one dog throw up!I tried to stay outside with him, so fresh air and easier to feel sick...I mean that he had peace and not all the herd looking at he.

I dont remember if have told, how we got Veikko?

He was about 1,5 years old and he had time left 2hours before previous owner was gonna take him to deadly shot. Before that he came somewhere North and had been treating bad. So, this girl couldnt handle Veikko, he had been there only 3 days, so life was kind of throwing him around. He was a bit angry and on guard all the time. He hated men then and smell of alcohol. My guess is, some mad had treated him badly during drinking. 
So, this girl said that after 2 hours I have to finish this dog, cause no chance to keep him. I looked Veikkos pic and said: I take him. Yep, I take him to me, to be with us. That was close call and also so crazy, cause I really didnt knew this girl, just from driving minute window to save Veikko. 

So he came to us, and has been with us 10years now. He´s my guardian, friend and one I can trust to be there. He´s part of my family and I could say...we have seen so much together. 

Yesterday, I felt so broken and helpless! Of course I have some skills to work with sick dogs, there´s has to be some when living here in the woods. I just knew that we had to look, how things goes. 

So, I cleaned and I sat there with Veikko. But of course others needed food, attention etc so I just ran around like crazy. In evening, woah, started to look better. Finally. In that point I swore that if we make it now, I dont complain so much. He ate oatmeal, drank a bit and didnt puke. I was soooo happy! Of course I was sort of alarm- state all the time but I could breath a bit! That dog, like all of them, is so important and loved. 

Now things are looking better, he´s tired but eating and not looking so sick. Barking, so that´s a good sign! I can only wish and pray, that thing are ok now. 

I have been so grateful today, I have so much more energy and I have been cleaning our home all day. 

:) Not yet, Veikko...

You are with us! <3

 It´s just...I truly am so grateful. We are together still and even thought that puppy Väinö (who´s 3 months and 11.3kg and having a size of German shepherd, said the Vet) is keeping me so busy, I wount complain. No I´m not! Woah, yesterday I was so scared!

Now, I think that I´m gonna drink some coffee, put Spotify on and relax for a a sec. All animals are in sleep! It´s me- time and cappucino, too :).

Have a great day all!


2 kommenttia on "Incident, that woke me up"
  1. Ompa teillä ihana kolmikko! <3 Mä aina pelästyn ihan simona, jos tipsuilla on huono olo / käyttäytyvät oudosti. Meijän porukoiden tiibetit kodinvaihtajia, mutta sitäkin rakkaampia- niillä kävi niin tuuri, kun pääsi meijän porukoille lellittäviksi. Jotenkin tuntuu aina hassulta,että miks ihmiset ottaa eläimiä, mutta sitten ne ei halua pitää niitä. Onneks nyt niillä huiskupyllyillä on hyvä koti ja ihana "isosisko" joka tarjoo aina herkkuja ;)

    1. Kiitos Terhi :) On nuo aika ihanuuksia kaikki. Kyllä sitä pelästyy ihan sikana kun nuo kaikki karvakuonot ovat vaan niin tärkeitä, niinkuin sielläkin! Kodinvaihtajiin luo jotenkin sellaisen erilaisen siteen, kun pystyy luomaan luottamuksen kaiken jälkeen...tulee sellainen vahva ja omanlaisensa juttu :) En kanssa ymmärrä, eikä huonoa kohtelua. Toki, jos elämäntilanne on katastrofi ja ei pysty niin eriasia, mutta tuolla veikollakin oli niin huono alku, kun raasua potkittiin yms. Ihanaa kun siellä on kanssa hyviä kohtaloita kuitenkin, loppujenlopuksi ja loppuelämäksi annettu! <3


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