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Once upon a time

There was this girl, who wanted to shine.
Never believed that she could,
never thought that one day day she would.

Maybe time has come to leave a mark,
but never the less, she took the bark
of her inner flame and passion to create
the strength to be her again.

Someone could say that those are just clothes
but the meaning is much more stronger.

Freedom of choise
Freedom to choose

Expressing yourself is not something to loose.

Strong enough to be yourself,
walk the path you will create.

Have a nice day all!


Tulle skirt from Zalando, shoes and cardigan from H&M, Jacket from Vähänkä

2 kommenttia:

  1. "Strong enough to be yourself, walk the path you will create." So, true! Have a nice weekend - kivaa viikonloppua:)

    1. Aint it? Jotenkin sitä vaan huomaa vahvuuksiaan ajan hampaissa! :) Samoin sinne, ihanaa viikonloppua!